Conference Program 2021

24 - 26 October 2021   |   Virtual Event
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Welcome Address

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Keynote Session


Ibrahim Al-Rushoud

VP Manufacturing and President Affiliates , Sipchem

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Technical Panel Discussion

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Sponsors Showcase

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Technical Sessions - Asset Integrity Management

3 Sessions
Session Chair

G.Santhosh Kumar

Inspection Specialist -PSM Group, Kuwait Oil Company - KOC

Applying the Swiss Cheese Model to Prevent Catastrophic Failure in Storage Tank System

The speaker will talk about the importance of Swiss Cheese model in storage tank system. It can be an important aid to organization’s operation & engineering leaders to understand low-pressure storage tank risk. The speaker will share a case study of high potential near miss related to storage tank system & will address different levels of human error including unsafe acts, preconditions for unsafe acts, unsafe supervision and recommendation for adequate layer of protection.


Nileshkumar Patel

Process Safety Technology Leader, Sadara Chemical Company

The Impact on Relief Device Pressure Drop Due to Pipe Roughness Changes over Long-Term Gas Plant Operation

In this presentation, speaker will discuss impact of different theoretical roughness factors on pressure relief device outlet pressure drop and will provide guidance for considering the optimum roughness factor during early design phase. The presentation specifically consider impact of change in the relief device outlet pipe roughness factor in gas plants during plant operation over the years and shows the subsequent effects on flare hydraulics.


Harshal Lokhande

Technical Process Safety Lead , Siemens Energy, Inc

Praveen Dhote

Team Leader Process Safety, Siemens Energy

Asset Integrity Status Visualization As a Key Tool to Support Process Safety in Hydrocarbon Facilities

The speaker will talk about visualization tool, which ensures integrity of safety critical elements is always visible to all levels in the corporate a dashboard that integrates related data residing in various management systems. The presentation will cover visualization tools; its benefits, the experience with development of such dashboard in-house versus off-the-shelf tools for acceptance and cultural change.

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Industry Process Case Studies and Best Practices

3 Sessions
Session Chair

Jamal Al-Ghamdi

Corporate Process Safety Director , Sadara Chemical Company

Dust Explosion Prevention in Polymer Additive Areas

The speaker will share company’s on-going efforts on prevention of dust explosion by reducing the probability of two sides of the dust explosion pentagon: dust accumulation and the presence of an ignition source. Company have identified one such ignition source as buildup of static electricity while handling solid materials with inadequate grounding and bonding. The speaker will share how the company improved; 1.Grounding practices for the additive bags to include two grounding cables and independent procedural verification step, 2.Conducting a review of the central vacuum system to avoid dust accumulation.


Mohammad Alkhairallah

Process Engineer, Saudi Chevron Phillips (S-Chem)

Lessons Learned from Scenarios Found during PHA of Startup, Shutdown, and Online Maintenance

Speaker will briefly talk about increasing regulatory focus on PHA procedures for evaluating hazards during non-routine modes of operation & human factors in general. Speaker will explain an approach for fully addressing Human Factors in Hazard Evaluations (PHAs) with four case studies on PHA of non-routine Operating Modes.


Adel Al-Dakheel

Senior Engineer, Process Improvement Institute (PII)

How to Assess and Investigate High Potential Consequence Incidents

In this presentation, speaker will share company’s efforts to identify, assess and investigate high potential consequence events. Speaker will discuss how such near misses are assessed, tools used and the level of investigation and screening applied for such high potential consequence events



Process Safety Management Engineer, Saudi Chevron Phillips (S-Chem)

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Closing Remarks


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