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27 - 28 September 2022   |   Sheraton Dammam, Saudi Arabia

By joining one of  AIChE's Industry Technology Groups, companies, government labs, universities, and non-profits can benefit from vast technical knowledge in process safety, hydrogen safety, thermo-physical and environmental property data, and process intensification. 

CCPS offers many benefits but the true value of membership lies in the extraordinary interaction and learning opportunities. The vast pool of knowledge and experience that is available to members is priceless. Members help each other, providing technical guidance and offering safety strategy suggestions.

CCPS is also a great resource for smaller companies that may struggle to provide all the resources needed to meet process safety goals. Through membership, smaller companies can leverage their development and training with other members in companies large and small. Perhaps more importantly, small companies gain access to “go-to” people in other member companies who can help them with their immediate problems.

For more information about CCPS membership, please contact CCPS at +1646-495-1371 or

Value Membership

Value of CCPS Membership

On average, CCPS sponsors obtain safety R&D worth 70 times the value of their contribution.  What’s more, sponsorship delivers over $1.5 million in projects annually.  

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CPPS Membership Benefits

Gain free access to the CCPS Internet Community, build an effective network of like-minded peers, and participate in multiple CCPS projects. 


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Member Companies

Member Companies

Members of CCPS include major petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as other manufacturers and users of chemicals, engineering contractors, safety consultants, insurance firms and government agencies.

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Membership Costs

Membership Costs 

To learn more or discuss becoming a member, please contact CCPS at (646) 495-1371 or email

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