Conference Program 2021

24 - 26 October 2021   |   Virtual Event
08:30 08:40

Welcome Address


Dr. Abdul Aldeeb

Head of Technology & Consulting – Process Safety, Siemens

08:40 09:05

Keynote Session


Majed Al Shangiti

Chief Information Officer, SATORP

09:05 09:10


09:10 10:10

Technical Session - Managing PSM Institutional Knowledge

3 Sessions
Session Chair

Dr. Anil Gokhale

Director, CCPS Projects, CCPS

Guidelines for Managing Process Safety Knowledge


Sanjay Jaiswal

Safety Specialist, Kuwait Oil Company - KOC

Plant Safety Override Assessment: an Effective Step Towards Zero-Override at Kuwait Oil Company

Safety Overrides are a key element of the safe operation of every facility and have substantial impact on the overall operational safety of facility. Safety override management can be difficult due to long-term overrides emerging out of project activities, frequent process upsets, certain design issues, production throughput demand. The presenter will share practices followed to overcome above concerns. Presenter will talk about the company’s initiative of conducting “Multi-Team Comprehensive Surveys” through a collaborative approach at various facilities at North Kuwait Directorate of Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait. This presentation will describe how assessment was carried out for seven different facilities in three-phased manner by integrating the expertise capability with the operational aspects.


Bala Siva Srikanth Adivi

TPL Specialist I (HSE), Kuwait Oil Company - KOC

Experimental Learning of Process Safety

Company have established “Experimental Process Safety Training Center” In this process safety center the employee was able to visualize and understand how the process safety incident will take place by experimental demonstration of the incident in small scale. The presenter will share the experience of establishing such center and briefly talk about the experiments designed for learning.


Fahad AlShammari

Polymer Operation Manager, SABIC - KEMYA

10:10 10:30

Sponsors Showcase

10:30 11:25

Technical Sessions - Process Safety Big Data and Digitalization

3 Sessions
Session Chair

Mohammed Al-Zahrani

Process Safety Section Head, Sipchem

How AI Improves Safety

Condition-based maintenance is the goal of most process plants. In this presentation presenter will go into the detail on how AI can be utilized to accurately track and predict equipment condition. Presenter will show and briefly discuss successful examples of applying AI to increase plant reliability.


Jim Brigman

Managing Director, Ingenero Inc

Moving Beyond Concept - Overcoming Barriers to ORM Digital Twin Adoption

An ORM Digital Twin is still an evolving space; however, industry leaders have identified it as a key area of attention for improving Process Safety performance at their assets. The success of these programs is not just a decision driven for technology adoption; business process and management decisions have a key role to be play as well. The presenter will offer tips on how companies can accelerate their digital vision for Operational Risk Management through ORM Digital Twin technology.


Abhilash Menon

Business Consultant, Sphera

Energy Institutes Process Safety Performance Monitoring (EIPSPM) Application

Speaker will talk about the live intuitive data application tool for effective processes, informed decisions and real results. The speaker will share the experience of using such tool in several case studies for the Metals industry, oil and gas industry and energy industry in the UK.


Dr. Stephen Bater

HSE, Process Safety and Leadership Specialist, Harness UK-Ltd

11:25 11:30


11:30 12:25

Technical Session - Human Factors

3 Sessions
Session Chair

Andrew Bartlett

Solutions Consultant, Sphera

Planning for Human Factors Engineering in Projects

Speaker will summarise the suggested approach for HFE screening and planning presented in Report 454- ‘Human Factors Engineering in Projects’ (2nd Edition) published by UK EI & IOGP. The presentation will cover various topics- HFE Integration within the Project Design Lifecycle, HFE Screening and Planning Process, Preliminary and Detailed screening and HFE Strategy & Implementation Plan.


Natasha Andrews

Risktec Solutions

Everything You Need to Know about Human Reliability for Process Safety

The presenter will discuss 10 primary human factors and will describe what we know about their relative importance in accident causation. The data presented will be from basic research by the authors on the root causes of more than 15,000 accidents and near misses; and based on the review of thousands of accidents analyzed by others and on summary data from many companies. The speaker will share where focus should be placed (i.e., which human factors tend to be key) and will provides proven ways to optimize these human factors so that the base human error rate at a site is as low as possible.


William Bridges

President, Process Improvement Institute, Inc. (PII)

The Human Factor in Process Safety Management

In this presentation speaker will provide an overview and summary of experiences acquired over the years in the different phases of the lifecycle of projects and incidents analysis. Speaker will elaborate more on two different views (Dekker, 2002) on human error and the human contribution to accidents and illustrate complexity of the interactions between human activities, system organization and equipment.


Ibrahim M. Balharith

LP Engineer, Saudi Aramco

12:25 12:30

Conference Closing Remarks


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