CCPS-MEPSC Virtual Preview Program (Saudi Arabia Time Zone GMT+3)

27 - 28 September 2022   |   Sheraton Dammam, Saudi Arabia
12:00 12:05

Conference Opening & Welcome Address


Shakeel Kadri

Executive Director & CEO, CCPS

12:05 12:15

Keynote Session

12:15 12:25

Process Safety Education Journey in KSA

Building the capacity in the field of chemical process safety in educational institutions is a challenging and long Journey. It involves many endeavours including strategic planning, recruitment, academic programs development, research initiatives, and partnerships. Dr. Hassan Baaqeel will share the experience of building an educational and research programs at KFUPM and the promises and challenges associated with their new initiatives.


Dr. Hassan Baaqeel

Chairman Chemical Engineering Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)

12:25 12:30


12:30 14:00

Roundtable on PSM during and post COVID-19

COVID-19 is one of the most significant challenges of our lifetime, including its potential impacts on Risk-Based Process Safety performance on the Middle East chemical industry. The industry has had to adapt to maintain a high degree of vigilance on process safety while providing additional controls for the safety of its workforce and facing unprecedented constraints. Join us to hear from experts that led the efforts of Aramco, SABIC, SChem, and ADNOC explain how COVID-19 changed their approach to PSM to address this pandemic. They will each give practical advice on how COVID-19 is being managed in their organizations, challenges they faced and solutions they found successful, and future changes to the management of process safety that we might expect due to the lasting effects of COVID-19.

Session Co-Chairs

David Moore

President & CEO, AcuTech Group


Khaled Alalyani


Omar Al Omar

Operational Excellence Manager, Saudi Chevron Phillips (S-Chem)

Wayne Pearce

Senior VP of Group HSE, ADNOC - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

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14:15 14:25

Plant Safety Override Assessment: an Effective Step Towards Zero-Override at Kuwait Oil Company

Safety Overrides are a key element of the safe operation of every facility, which also constitutes one of the important elements of Process Safety Management. Excessive bypassing of protective functions has a substantial impact on the overall operational safety of any operational facility, especially in Oil & Gas facilities. In this session, the speaker will share how this assessment has been carried out in KOC for 7 operational Oil & Gas facilities in three-phased manners by integrating the expertise capability with the operational aspects to speed up the implementation of normalization, for ease of operation and effective implementation of Company’s established Plant Safety Override Procedures under HSSE Management System.

Session Co-Chairs

Andrew P. Bartlett

Solutions Consultant Global Solution Engineering , Sphera

14:25 14:35

Planning for Human Factors Engineering in Projects

In this presentation we discuss the key content of the new guidance which is aimed at Project Managers, Safety and Technical Leads and Senior Engineers who are responsible for planning and managing engineering projects. The presentation will focus particularly on the issues to be considered during the early stage of HFE screening, including: • Determining what HFE activities may need to be undertaken on a particular project • Identifying required Human Factor (HF) roles and competencies, including any • requirements for HF Specialist support • Establishing an appropriate and proportionate project HFE strategy • Suggested approach and tools for HFE screening will be discussed, along with guidance on the suggested content of a Human Factors Integration Plan (HFIP).

Session Co-Chairs

Andrew P. Bartlett

Solutions Consultant Global Solution Engineering , Sphera

14:35 14:45

Q&A Session

14:45 14:55

Dust Explosion Prevention in Polymer Additive Areas

In any polymer plant that handles additive mixtures, dust explosion is an inherent hazard of plant operation. In this session, S-Chem will be sharing their learning from the experience about improved grounding practice for the additive bags, compliance implementation towards NFPA 654 standard requirements and various other layers of protections, those have been put in place to prevent dust explosion in polymer additive areas.

Session Co-Chairs

Andrew P. Bartlett

Solutions Consultant Global Solution Engineering , Sphera

Mohammed Ali Al-Zahrani

Sustainability Manager, Sipchem

14:55 15:05

Moving Beyond Concept - Overcoming Barriers to ORM Digital Twin Adoption

Digital Twins are the next big thing in Operational Risk Management (ORM) for their ability to help model and simulate the Operational and Process Safety performance of industrial facilities. Asset-intensive operators have the most to gain from increased efficiency, safety and productivity as a result of Digital Twin technology. But they also have the most to lose. The greatest barriers are knowing how to articulate the business case and translating the concept into operational practice. Learn how industry trailblazers are overcoming barriers to transform the way they manage operations, reduce downtime and prevent wear and tear that could result in asset failure and improve Process Safety performance. In the session, we will offer tips on how companies can accelerate their digital vision for Operational Risk Management through ORM Digital Twin technology.

Session Co-Chairs

Andrew P. Bartlett

Solutions Consultant Global Solution Engineering , Sphera

15:05 15:15

Process Safety Management Governance

As an organization, SIPCHEM has developed a governance structure around process safety management where they assure 2-way communication from the top of the organization to the bottom. In this session, the speaker will be sharing the changes done at SIPCHEM towards PSM focused culture that identifies issues within the organization and addresses them through the right communication channel. You will get insight into how SIPCHEM has operationalized their leading and lagging indicators in line with API 754, how dashboards are designed to create the visual impact, how PSM committee structure is defined and how they have defined roles of these members.

Session Co-Chairs

Andrew P. Bartlett

Solutions Consultant Global Solution Engineering , Sphera

15:15 15:25

Q&A Session

15:25 15:30

Closing Remarks


Dr. Abdul Aldeeb

Head of Technology & Consulting – Process Safety, Siemens


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