Ingenero on Covid-19 Impact

27 - 28 September 2022   |   Sheraton Dammam, Saudi Arabia
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COVID19: Ingenero's silver lining despite unfavourable conditions

Every country across the globe has been affected by COVID-19. The immediate response that countries adopted was the lockdown “stay at home” measure, aiming to avoid movement of people to curb the spread.

With every business, function and geography affected, the amount of potential change for leading process safety provider Ingenero to tackle was daunting; especially for the fact that all their clients were spread across the globe and they couldn't offer to slow down, delay providing their engineering software services or ask their teams to stop working.

Their operations across Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and India were affected. The response to the pandemic from each office was dependent, not so much on their internal safety guidelines but more so on their local government guidelines.

The crisis put forth some major challenges for their organisation (across geographies) in:

  • People’s safety
  • Business continuity
  • Variation in project load
  • Workforce productivity
  • Real-time decision-making
  • Data Security risks
  • Creating guidelines across geographies

About Ingenero:
Ingenero is a pioneer in developing and implementing Operations Excellence Programs using digitalization to Oil & Gas, Refining, and Petrochemical companies across the globe. These Operations Excellence programs constitute Big Data analysis and this large volume of data is acquired over IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). The program deliverables are delivered continuously using IIoT to the client through Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards. For more information, visit:  

Ingenero’s robust IT infrastructure, ISMS compliant data security measures, exposure of every employee to various IIoT element, overall working culture and organizational structure contributed to their project execution, helping them stay unscathed during the pandemic.

Ingenero was able to promptly address its systems resilience issues and mould its business processes to rapidly adjust to the changing needs of their staff and, customers and suppliers while navigating through the financial and operational challenges, thereby laying the foundation for the new normal.

While this pandemic is arguably a black swan event, COVID-19 is a lesson on the importance of ensuring business agility. The company’s response time and additional enhancements enabled their engineers and staff members to ensure continuity in their regular process, engineering and modelling deliverables.

Team Ingenero was fortunate to identify these challenges much early which allowed them to react/respond to the arising situations. It was a paradigm shift for their organization from being partially digital to now completely operating through virtual means.

The timely response from their Emergency Response Team, and the quick metamorphosis that Ingenero went through to adapt, has been appreciated by all their clients. They were able to generate a trust factor with their clients; dependable for prompt tech support of the highest quality.


Their experiences from the first half of 2020 have inspired them to demonstrate resilience, corporate agility and business continuity;  during which they have learned from evolving scenarios on a day-to-day basis and emerged stronger; preparing them for the new normal.

Arguably, there's one common human desire: One of a safer tomorrow. In COVID-19 we all found a common enemy - on that doesn't discriminate. The present situation, however, offers a choice:  either we try to piece the world back together as it was or we can use this shared event to effect change for a better tomorrow.  

Ingenero is looking forward to that new tomorrow, ready for what's to come; hoping to inspire others in their journey.

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